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offers music that feeds our soul hunger. When we are lonely or cut off or put down or thirsty, seeks to provide the music that brings us the peace, healing, belonging and joy we desperately yearn for. When we cannot help but dance and praise our Creator for the sheer gift of life we enjoy, seeks to provide the music that gives voice to our passion and delight. In particular, is now offering alternative and contemporary music especially for use in worship of God.


Friday, June 19, 2009     First Lutheran Church, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

    "The Lutheran Songs Today tour rolled into town with a boatload of amazing post-modern worship songs that blew us away. What is vital is that these are songs both theologically-sound and musicially excellent-- beautiful, energetic songs in a variety of styles designed for congregations to sing with confidence. Eric has gathered the best [Lutheran] songwriters in the country, and we are overjoyed that Lutheran Songs Today introduced our worship musicians to them. A number of songs have made their way into our rotating contemporary worship repertoire. Thanks, Eric and crew!"
Richard Bruxvoort-Colligan
Director of Contemporary Worship
First Lutheran Church, Cedar Rapids, Iowa


Sunday, June 21, 2009   Grace Lutheran Church, Andover, Minnesota

  "Grace Lutheran in Andover, [Minnesota] was very happy to host a great workshop/concert by the artists included in the compilation 'Lutheran Songs Today.'  The music and the insights of the artists are wonderful, and the songbook/CD is a very valuable resource.  My only question is, 'Why didn't someone think of this sooner?'  Thanks Eric W!"

Scott Stivers
Director of Music
Grace Lutheran Church, Andover, Minnesota


Lutheran Songs Today Concert in Sweden!

June 30, 2009 at the Torrskogs Lutheran Church, Torrskogs, Sweden.
" En harlig kvall med bra och upplyftande musik. Jag tyckte mycket om det aven om jag inte forstod varenda ord. " -Gertrud Wallin (age 89)   ("A great evening with exciting and uplifting music. I loved it even though I did not understand every word.")
"In Torrskog, Sweden, on June 29th, Warwick, Rhode Island resident Kajsa Teitelbaum offered a concert featuring music [gathered] by Eric Wefald. Pieces during the concert came from Eric's latest publication, 'Lutheran Songs Today,' including All are Welcome, Glory in the Highest, and Abba, I belong to You. Though all music was performed with the original English text, reception was positive among the Swedish audience, and expectations for future performances are high."  Ben Teitelbaum, Graduate Student in Brown University's Ethnomusicology Program.  He has completed auxiliary studies with the Royal Conservatory of Music, Stockholm, and the Eric Sahlstrom Institute in Sweden.


Musicians in Sweden:

Kajsa Teitelbaum - voice
Margareta Blidstam - voice
Dag Bjaaland - piano/voice
Jonathan Johannesson - drums
Andreas Blidstam - bass
Lars Wallin - trumpet