Songs for my Soul

Free Song Samples

Songs for Worship, vol. 2:  Free 30 Second Clips

"Be"   by Peder Eide, Paul Marino & Bob Stromberg 

"Build Up"    by Dakota Road: Larry Olson & Hans Peterson 

"By Grace"    by Jonathan Rundman & Nate Houge 

"Draw Us Closer to You"    by Peder Eide & Paul Marino 

"Each Day, Each Night"    by Eric Wefald

"Hymn for Fortune Lake"    by Jonathan Rundman 

"Go Now"    by Dakota Road: Hans Peterson & Larry Olson 

"Here"    by Lost And Found: Michael Bridges & George Baum 

"Incense"    by Lost And Found: Michael Bridges & George Baum

"I Will Not Let You Go"    by Tangled Blue: Joel Pakan

"Light of the World"     by Cathy Pino 

"The Messiah Is Here"    by Eric Wefald 

"Mighty Praise"    by Mudhouse: Brian Spahr 

"New Prayer Song"    by Gretchen Weller Mertes 

"Nobody But You Lord"    by Mudhouse: Todd Miller 

"Rejoice"    by Agape:  David Scherer 

"Singing Out Loud"    by Lloyd Garrelts 

"To You"    by Richard Bruxvoort Colligan 

"You Are a Light On My Path"    by Richard Bruxvoort Colligan


Songs for Worship, vol. 1:  Free 30 Second Clips

"Abba, I Belong to You"   by Peder Eide & Bob Stromberg

"All Are Welcome"  by Dakota Road: Hans Peterson & Larry Olson

"Bones"  by Lost And Found: Michael Bridges & George Baum

"Glory in the Highest"  by Jonathan Rundman

"God's Love Endures Forever"   by Richard Bruxvoort Colligan

"Hey Hey Samuel"    by Jonathan Rundman

"I Thank You Jesus"    by Bob Stromberg & Peder Eide

"Lifted Up"    by Todd Miller

"Lions"    by Lost And Found: Michael Bridges & George Baum

"Messiah"    by Dakota Road: Larry Olson

"Now Faith"   by David Piper

"Once Again"    by Eric Wefald & Geoff Royce

"Seize My Heart"    by Echelon: Lloyd Garrelts & Todd Anderson

"Servant's Prayer"    by Cathy Pino 

"There Is a River"     by Richard Bruxvoort Colligan

"You Sing in My Soul"    by Eric Wefald


"What a delight to find this superb collection of music, complete with lectionary helps, ready to play right out of the box!  It fits our ELCA theology perfectly, emphasizes both law and gospel, and makes use of innovative harmonies to restate profound biblical themes. The Good News comes through loud and clear! 

All I can say is...keep it coming! I've told everyone I know about your website, and will check frequently for more of the high-quality music resources you provide."

Kathy Schuen, Worship Leader, Prince of Peace Evangelical Lutheran Church, Portage, Michigan 



 "I'm glad that Volume 2 is almost completed!  I'm looking forward to receiving more Gospel-proclaiming congregational and accompanist user-friendly songs for worship.  I have yet to come across any other music and ready resource materials like you have provided in Volume 1, and since we don't yet have a specifically "contemporary service", we offer "blended" services to meet the needs and comfort zones of a diverse congregation.  Anyway, really looking forward to getting Volume 2. Also waiting to hear about a Florida concert tour.  Winter time is a good time to leave your snow behind!  (Just ask my many Snowbirds)!

God's blessings on your continuing worship ministry!"
Pastor Steve Marko
Holy Trinity Lutheran Church
Fort Walton Beach, Florida


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Christmas Songs

Two new Contemporary songs for Christmas.


"Gloria, Gloria" is a hauntingly beautiful contemporary Christmas song, suitable for the congregation, and also for choir two-part harmony.
















"Wandering Angels" is a beautiful contemporary Christmas song,

suitable for the congregation, and also for the "angels" in the Christmas pageant.


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